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Mural Art Workshop

Mural Art Workshop
Published Date: Tuesday, 4 April 2023


Mural paintings are works of art developed through the application of colours, lines and figures not on canvas, but directly on the wall, ceiling or other large permanent surfaces. Different from the art of graffiti, it features pictorial elements, not letters. Another unique feature of the mural as an important part of street art is the harmonious inclusion of the architectural elements of the given surface into the painting.
The workshop to be organised in this scope will be followed up with hands-on workshops after the provision of information about wall and street art. The workshop will focus on line, color, texture, creation of figures, and formation of composition and similar aesthetic values and murals will be developed in groups. Some of the outcomes of the workshop will be applied on the selected walls of the University between 15 and 21 May 2023.
Your active participation is invited to create permanent works of art.
Our quota for the workshop to be carried out by Eastern Mediterranean University Art Coordinator Zehra Şonya is 20. Workshops will be held at the Activity Center every Wednesday between 17.30 and 19:00 until 10 May 2023.

Deadline for Applications: Monday, 20 April, 2023

click on link to apply : Apply here

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